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The ADA is changing operating systems the first week in July. Consequently, we can only list courses and events through the end of June. Registration for Fall courses and events should be open by the end of July.
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Employee Retention Tax Credit - Am I Eligible?

Many of our members are likely eligible, but it’s complicated and really requires individualized financial discussions with an accountant or advisor to determine eligibility. Back in March the ADA news did a short article on this with Allen Schiff from the Academy of Dental Certified Public Accountants (ADCPA):
Link to ADA News Article

As of a couple of weeks ago, ADCPA has completed 1,766 Dental ERTC Applications, which resulted in ERTC Tax Credits in the amount of $64,220,000, or approximately $36,000 per dental practice. 

Below is a link to the video of our GKAS Event on February 2, 2024 
at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY

                                                                       NCDS 2024 GKAS


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