In  a  recent  survey  by  the  National  Institute  of  Mental  Health,  1  in  5  adults  in  America experience  mental  illness  and  those  in  the  dental  community  are  no  exception.  In fact,  according  to  a  2020  ADA  study,  92%  of  dentists  agreed  that  COVID-19 challenged  their  mental  health.
The  ADA  is  seeking  to  change  this.  The  goal  is  to  help  create  an  environment  of  wellness  within  our dental  community  and  avoid  reaching  a  point  of  crisis  before  addressing  mental health.
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Substance Abuse and Well-Being

NYSDA's Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being is here to support and assist you, your family or a colleague who may need help with substance abuse, addiction, and related mental health issues.

Substance Abuse and Well-Being