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ADA invites dentists to contribute to mental health "lifeline"

The ADA is inviting dentists to volunteer for its new Wellness Ambassador Program, which aims to help connect dentists who are facing mental health challenges with assistance. While participating dentists won't directly provide clinical support, they will serve as a gateway to resources, ADA News reported. The 2021 Dentist Well-Being Survey Report, which showed that the percentage of dentists diagnosed with anxiety more than tripled between 2003 and 2021, was eye-opening, according to Princy Rekhi, D.D.S., chair of the ADA's Dental Wellness Advisory Committee. "There is a sense of urgency in the message that mental health is an ongoing process deserving of sustenance, so assembling a team of wellness ambassadors is one way the ADA can continue to cultivate a helpful lifeline," Dr. Rekhi said.

Full Story: ADA News (7/21)