NCDS 2022 Leadership




Stephen Akseizer, DDS 

Douglas Schildhaus, DMD

Elyse Patrella, DDS
Vice President

Maureen Tredwell, DDS

Don Hills
Donald Hills, DDS* 


Executive Board Members

The Executive Board consists of the line officers listed above as well as "at large" members appointed by the President, the NCDS Immediate Past President, NYSDA Trustee and Bulletin Editor. The line officers above and those listed below comprise the Executive Board for 2023.


"At Large" Members:

Howard Baylarian, DDS*

James Fitzgerald, DDS*

Albert Granger, DDS*

Kathy Leibowitz, DDS

David Miller, DDS*^

Frank Palmaccio, DDS*’

Robert Peskin, DDS*

Michael Shreck, DMD*



Immediate Past President:

Joseph Brofsky, DMD*

NYSDA Trustee:

Frank Palmaccio. DDS*

Bulletin Editor:

Donald Hills, DDS*




                                               Board of Directors                                                 (Term ends on Dec. 31 of year in Parenthesis)

                                                     Lynda Asadourian, DDS ( 2024)

     Howard K. Baylarian, DDS* (2025)

Jakob Charen, DMD* (2022)

Eileen Chun, DDS (2025)

    James J. Fitzgerald, DDS* (2024)

    John Gaeta, DDS (2025)

  Edwin Ginsberg, DMD (2024)

   Albert Granger, DDS* (2025)

Meena Jaiswal, DDS* (2023)

    Sanford E. Klein, DDS^ (2023)  

  Kathy Leibowitz, DDS (2024) 

David J. Miller, DDS*^ (2023)

           Peter A. Mychajliw, DDS (2023)          

 Frank J. Palmaccio, DDS*’ (2025) 

  Edward L. Perlow, DDS (2024) 

    Robert M. Peskin, DDS* (2024)  

  Barry Rozenberg, DDS*(2023)

    Henry A. Sachs, DDS (2023)  

  Richard Serchuk, DDS (2025)

   Michael S. Shreck, DMD*(2024)

    Celia Spatt, DMD  (2025) 

    Sheryl L. Silverstein, DMD (2024)

      Binod Verma, DDS*(2023)





NYSDA Trustee

Frank Palmaccio, DDS*

NYSDA Delegates

Stephen Akseizer,  DDS

Howard Baylarian, DDS*

James Fitzgerald, DDS*

Meena Jaiswal, DDS*

Kathy Leibowitz, DDS

     David Miller, DDS*^     
                         Elyse Patrella, DDS                         

Robert Peskin, DDS*

Michael Shreck, DMD*

Douglas Schildhaus, DMD

Binod Verma, DDS*


NYSDA Alternate Delegates

Maureen Tredwell, DDS
Eugene Porcelli, DDS*

ADA Delegates

Michael Shreck, DMD*
Robert Peskin, DDS*
Meena Jaiswal, DDS*

ADA Alternate Delegates

Douglas Schildhaus, DMD
Donald Hills, DDS*
Binod Verma, DDS*

Bulletin Editor

Donald Hills, DDS*


* NCDS Past President
^NYSDA Past President

Council and Committee Chairs

Access to Care - James Dolin, DDS                                                         
- Howard Baylarian, DDS         
Constitution and Bylaws - Robert Peskin, DDS 
Continuing Education - Peter Blauzvern, DDS        
Dental Benefits Programs* - James Dolin, DDS
Dental Education and Licensure* - Robert Peskin, DDS
Dental Health, Health Planning & Hospital Dentistry* - David Miller, DDS
Dental Practice* - Howard Baylarian, DDS
EDPAC* - Michael Shreck, DMD
Ethics* - Elyse Patrella, DDS
Finance, Budget and Audit - Donald Hills, DDS
GKAS - Joseph Brofsky, DMD, Michael Shreck, DMD & Doug Schildhaus, DMD (Co-Chairs)
GLIDM  - James Fitzgerald, DDS
Governmental Affairs* - Michael Shreck, DMD
Membership* -  Kathy Leibowitz, DDS & Meena Jaiswal, DDS (Co-Chairs)
New Dentist* -
Nominations -Joseph Brofsky, DMD
Peer Review* - Michael Vinciguerra, DDS 
Professional Liability* - John Keene, DMD
Publications - Charlie Hanna, DDS
Substance Abuse and Well-Being* -  Kathy Leibowitz, DDS

*Chairs are also members of the corresponding NYSDA Council