Study Clubs

Study Club Leaders and members shall respect the confidential nature of all information that they have access to in accordance with the Bylaws of the Nassau County Dental Society, New York State Dental Association and ADA CERP policies and procedures. The NCDS and Study Club acknowledge that Study Club Leaders and members may use patients’ personal health information for educational purposes at the Study Club as permitted by HIPAA.  Patient information removed as permitted by HIPAA is allowable.  Study Club Leaders should keep abreast of the most current HIPAA regulations and the NCDS is not responsible for HIPAA violations at the Study Club level.

As a Study Club Leader it is extremely important that you follow all established procedures:

  1. Any course you present to your group must be submitted and approved by the Nassau County Dental Society 30 days prior to meeting to qualify for credits.
  2. Submit your Proposal for each course and always include an additional PDF file containing a detailed course outline with goals/objectives and the CV of the speaker. State only the number of hours of actual instruction (exclude any meal times or other non-educational components) and the correct course code.
  3. Please be sure to have all attendees sign their own name on an official Attendance Registry Form and return it to NCDS via email after the event.  This is the only form that will be accepted and attendees must sign in to receive credit.

               NOTE:  All dentists have ADA numbers, but not all are ADA members.  We encourage these non-members to join the NCDS.

  1. NCDS will process credits for ADA members via the NYSDA registry. Attendees who are not ADA members may request NCDS to provide official certification of attendance, for which they will be charged a fee per certificate. Individual study groups have no authority to issue any type of certification of attendance: only the NCDS can issue valid Certificates of Attendance.
  2. Please have participants fill out a course evaluation form and keep on file for your records.
  3. Please have every speaker fill out a Conflict of Interest waiver and keep on file for your records.
  4. If there is any change in contact information for your club, you are required to submit a Contact Information Update Form. The NCDS is not responsible for missed communications due to a change in address of which we have not been notified via this form only.